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Using and Care For Your Vape Pens


Unlocking and locking your Piccolo Battery/NME Challenge Plus:

To lock/unlock your piccolo battery, press the button 6 times. The button will blink if you are successful.

Charging your Piccolo Battery:

To charge your Piccolo battery, unscrew your atomizer and screw the charger into the battery, and plug into a USB compatible power supply. The charger will blink and turn red. Once the battery is fully charged the light will turn green. It is best to check the battery first to be sure it's clean and free from wax, oil, etc. before charging (see cleaning). If you are using the Pink or NME Challenge Plus battery any Samsung charger or mini USB charger cord should work.

Setting up your Piccolo/Challenge Plus:

Unscrew the top of the Piccolo atomizer and using a dab tool add some product to the coils to be vaporized. For best results, prime new coils by adding a small amount of product to them and slowly heat until it disappears into the wicks by using short 1-2 second presses. Repeat 2-3 times. Priming prevents burning and maximizes the lifespan of the coils. Once primed, you can add more product, screw on the top and start enjoying your Piccolo!

Using your Piccolo/Challenge Plus:

Add product to your coils and screw on the top. Press the button and start inhaling slowing. The battery will end the session after 8 seconds. THIS PEN CAN PRODUCE VERY BIG HITS OF VAPOR. The Piper insists you go easy at first! The Piccolo will work with the following herbal products: wax, heavy oil, shatter, bubble hash, and keif. For the Challenge Plus, the heating session is 15sec long and can produce some very large hits if you are not careful!

Cleaning the Piccolo/Challenge Plus:

If you find that it some cleaning is necessary use a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol when cleaning the battery terminals. Allow it to air dry for 10-20min before charging. For the atomizer, simply unscrew and wipe it down.



Q. Why does the battery blink and not work? It is charged.

A. This happens when the battery detects a short and prevents it from damaging itself. Typically this is caused by either
a bad coil or the battery terminal that the atomizer sits on is dirty/wet.

Another cause can be tightening the coils onto the battery too hard. With Piccolo & NME Challenge Plus configurations you will notice at the bottom of the coils is a small rubber gasket that compresses when screwed onto the battery. Too much torque and it'll crush the gasket. It is best when replacing the atomizer to screw it on until it touches and then give a 1/4 turn extra for torque. It is NOT necessary to screw it completely down to the battery.


Q. Can you rebuild the piccolo coils?

A. The piccolo coils are not rebuild-able but are quick replacement screw ins.


Q. How can I keep my oil from splashing all over the inside of the piccolo atomizer?

A. If it's a new coil, be sure to prime it first with a little of the product before going big. Also try not to 'drown' the coils
as it will cause bubbling that will send the oil flying. In cases like these I would suggest a rescue mission on said oil.


Q. Are NME and Piccolo coils cross compatible? They seem to fix in each other.

A. Sorta-kinda-not-really-maybe. We do not recommend buying one to use in another but I have had luck 'finishing off' a packed piccolo coil with a Challenge Plus battery.


Q. G9 Nail...any tips, tricks on maintenance and usage?

A. The Piper absolutely loves the G9 Nail and has some advice for all it's fans.

1. Keep your rig clean
Yes this goes for all things vape but it's very important here. If you use water in the glass be sure not to let it into the electronics. The Piper is actually not a fan of using water on electronics and would recommend skipping it altogether.
Keep the outside of the nail clean and free of oil/water. If the product is splashing too much you are using too much.
To clean the glass, soak in boiling hot water until the oil starts to separate from the glass. Using a dot of dish soap will help really clean it up but you may find that the hot water works fine. Once you get the hang of it (there is a method to the madness) you will find that reclaiming product is very possible (although you shouldn't let it go this long before cleanings).

2. Always begin with a freshly charged battery

Although your G9 Nail battery will last many rounds it's always best to start off with a fresh charge. The best part is this nail is compatible with all quality high drain 18650 batteries so if you do run out you can pop another in and keep on keep'n on.

3. Be gentile
Do not torque the nail onto the rig. If you find that the nail is stuck try heating it up a little to melt the product that has most likely leaked onto the threads. Do not force the glass onto the rig. If it doesn't seem to be sliding onto the rubber gaskets just wet the glass a little and it should slide on nicely.

4. Use the case
The G9 hEnail comes with essentially a strong box made specifically for your enail. USE IT! Yes, it maybe easier to say BEFORE using the rig but once it's cooled off and charged get it back in there.

5. Use the Silicone Cap
This will prevent accidental burns from warm nails once the session is over. When you are storing your rig, it's best to keep the nail attached to protect the ceramic heating rod and use the cap to protect the nail.



Below is a video by vape heads Elegant Aware that accurately explains what is going on when your vape pen starts acting up. This video focuses on the bud touch (Stiletto) but applies for all things vape.

Nice work guys!


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